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Wool Tales


The Wool Tales project has its origins in Vitale Barberis Canonico’s wish to turn the spotlight onto the protagonists of men’s style, who often don’t receive due credit. Used as we are to looking at the world of fashion as a universe which starts on the catwalks and ends in the shops, we find it difficult to imagine that it all has its beginnings thousands of miles away from Milan, Paris, London or New York.

Wool Tales wants to allow the Australian breeders of excellence the chance to speak, who, far from the dazzling world of fashion, dedicate their lives to the research for the best raw materials which is then combed, spun and woven by Vitale Barberis Canonico and sold in the most exclusive brand shops across the world. A journey which starts a long way away and which we celebrate in our facilities in the foothills of the Alps, where we process approximately 30,000 bales of wool per year to create more than 5,000 different variations for our collection.

This is the story in the first person from behind the scenes of men’s fashion.

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