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Although it is a must-have for formal occasions, a suit doesn’t necessarily have to be formal. Its registers can be altered by use of colours, patterns and different models, but in reality, it’s the weave which is the determining factor. Perfect yarns contribute to a more controlled look expressing attention to one’s role in society. To describe a suit, the buttoning is always mentioned first, as it dictates the line of the jacket and therefore the whole character of the suit. Single- or double-breasted? The answer is to be found in what the wearer wants to reveal about himself. Often the solution is already in the textile used, which leads to the creation of the appropriate style. The combed fabrics and worsteds call for single-breasted, collared solutions. Fine worsteds have a city character and if in a narrow chalk stripe, they prefer either a double-breasted jacket or single-breasted with a waistcoat.

The symmetry of a double-breasted jacket inspires a feeling of stability and composure, the angles suggest strength and independence, which make it more suitable for business wear or for a decisive personality. In single-breasted models, the three-button where the lapel points to the highest button guarantees a sense of self-assurance which could seem awkward. If the lapel continues almost to the second buttonhole, the effect is more confidential and goes better with a patterned design. The two-button version is a simple choice more adapted to fabrics which are not over-warm. The front opening is wider and more suitable for shorter jackets which helped them come back in. They are slimming for the fuller figure and the single button is youthful, even modish.

Blue Woollen Flannel with White Squares.

Large patterns such as this are chosen by strong personalities who can play up unconventionality without losing their credibility.

Pure wool sharkskin.

A pure wool sharkskin which is ideal for classic men’s suits to be worn throughout the year.

Revenge blue pinstripe.

Ideal for formal suits for those of the least formal disposition.

Traditional Worsted with Micro-design.

This fabric is characterised by an original micro-design weave, ideal for those who wish to show off their sense of class without fearing the opinions of others.

Traditional Worsted in Dark Grey Herringbone.

This weighty fabric restores the ancient pleasure of wearing a fabric which protects the body with its warmth and the heart with the certainty of tradition.

Traditional Worsted.

It’s difficult to imagine a more versatile blazer than in this splendid blue wool.

Classic stripes Revenge in grey.

A clear cut worsted in out-and-out business style, where the spacing relaxes managerial inertia to allow room for creativity.

Pure wool sharkskin.

With its sense of readiness this sharskin fabric knows how to be useful in any situation and is the perfect companion for work and travel.

Striped Tropical

An accurately-designed and refined fabric perfect for suits as it is very resistant and durable.

Perennial Blue Stripe

Worsted, but not perfectly clear cut, this fabric is best suited for formal and evening wear.

Prunelle Pin Stripe

A fabric with lustre for very formal garments in the style of the wool with thin silk threads.

Revenge Pinstripe

Clear-cut pinstripe worsted perfect for business suits.

Perennial Panama Grey Pinstripe

Perfect for six-button, double-breasted suits, or three-button, single-breasted and suits with waistcoats.

Worsted Light Weight Flannel

This flannel is for independent roles and temperaments and can be interpreted as an expression of experience and clarity of thought.

Perennial Sharkskin

Easy to wear, this fabric is neither aggressive nor boring, nor is finding combinations for this fabric difficult

Perennial Bird’s Eye

Garments made in this fabric are designed for business and those who want to communicate a feeling of security.

Superfine Kid Mohair

The wool-mohair tropical offers versatility, precision and comfort.

Wool and Cashmere Revenge

The finest of twill worsteds, luxurious and perfect for suits for all seasons.

Graphic Tweed

In pure wool and with a hand reminiscent of flannel, this fabric has a judicious weight with fibres caught in the warp.

Grey Carded Flannel with White Squares

Large patterns such as this are chosen by strong personalities who can play up unconventionality without losing their credibility.

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