Since 1663 the finest fabrics for tailor-made suits.




A men’s suit demands a certain rigorousness which, however, shouldn’t lead to stiffness, but limits the use of colour, patterns and particular weaves. The fabrics used for suits should also be resilient to wear, especially for the trousers.


If the suit can be considered prose, a jacket on its own has a touch of poetry. The fabrics used offer space for an emotion which requires musicality and rhyme, resulting in harmony with the other materials.

Evening and formal wear.

A formal suit becomes such because of its measurements and distinction resulting from dark colours and noble fibres. An evening suit can be either austere or an expression of a party-going spirit.


Some overcoats concentrate solely on protection from wind and cold, others tend to carefully complement the wearer’s outfit with the personality of a garment which makes a difference. Fabrics must endeavour to fulfil both demands.